Fishing Lures Description

Sea Boots Kona Lure
This lure was designed and tested by Capt. Jim Sharpe aboard his charter boat the Sea Boots in the Florida Keys. The diameter and length of the lure was determined by examining the contents of thousands of bait fish removed from the stomack of dolphin fish. The shape of the lure head was designed to look like the surface movements of flying fish escaping predators. The 45 degree angle on the leading face of the lure was designed to deflect seaweed and force the lure deeper in the water collum to attract more strikes from tuna, wahoo and bill fish. The advantage of this lure is that it can be trolled at moderate or fast speeds. Designed to look like flying fish and give the angler the advantage of chasing feeding tuna or dolphin under fast moving birds. Equally effective at slow or fast trolling speeds this lure gives you the advantage of covering lots of ground in search of game fish while remaining grass free. This lure is designed to be trolled with no bait only the lure.

Sea Boots Zelander Lure
Capt. Jim Sharpe designed this lure to attract the larger game fish including marlin, sail fish, wahoo, tuna and dolphin. This lure was designed to give a larger presentation to predators. A ballyhoo of varing sizes can be added to give this lure its best action. The concaved head was designed to protect the bait and to give the ballyhoo extra action. Capt. Jim suggest using a larger ballyhooo bait when targeting marlin and sail and a smaller ballyhoo when targeting tuna and dolphin. Slow to moderate speeds work best with this lure. The lure can be trolled at fast speeds when the ballyhoo bait is not used.


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